Innovative residential complex design

The residential development comprises residential sections A and B, for a total of six segments of apartment buildings. Section A comprises residential segments A, B and C, while Section B comprises residential segments D, E and F.

The sets consist of several separate staircases – cores with a total of 235 housing units of different types and sizes and four business premises meant for peaceful activities.

Carefully thought-out structural design

Multi-occupied objects in sets A, B, C, D, E and F all together have 235 housing units and four business premises.

Set A has five entrances, set B two, set C nine, set D eight, set E has seven entrances and set F has four entrances with accompanying communications. Individual entrances as a rule unite six flats (two on each floor) except when there are more flats in the entrance.

The height of the building adapts to the terrain so that next to basements, the objects also have three more floors. For the most part, the floors of objects follow the formula 2B+GF+2F, while in the upper part of set F we have 4B+GF+2F.

Storage and accompanying areas

Every housing unit has access to garage floors through a staircase and through a personal elevator. Storages, service and accompanying premises are in the complex of the basement, underground garages or ground floors. Some flats have storage for season equipment (stools, tables, deck chairs, etc) also on the terrace.

Garages and outdoor parking

Vehicles can access the settlement from the new junction to road Cesta na Markovec. Stationary traffic is regulated within the complex of underground garage floors. There are all together 559 parking places for objects.

Underground garages

Just like the objects, the underground garages also have floors and are divided into four areas with separate entrances. There are 12 entries into garages, four entries in every set. The lowest garages can be accessed from the extension of Šolska ulica, while other, higher located garages, can be accessed from new transversal roads, which are planned parallel to Kozlovičeva ulica. The street between sets C and D has no connection to Cesta na Markovec. Parking places for visitors are mostly in garages and on external parking areas. Parking places adapt to the construction of objects and are in some places of non-standard forms.

Two parking spaces per residential unit are provided on the garage levels. 229 indoor parking spaces are available in Section A, and 312 in Section B.

Outdoor parking

Outdoor parking spaces are located along the reconstructed road and are reserved for the business units and, in part, for visitors. Segment A has 7 and Segment B has 11 outdoor parking spaces.

Access to the residential complex and apartments

Access to flats and the flats (lifts) are designed without architectonic obstacles. Accesses to objects and to external areas are not appropriate for physically impaired persons without an attendant due to the slope of roads and hallways for pedestrians.

In the middle between sets A, B and C and between D and E, two external staircases are regulated. The staircase between sets A, B and C connects the flats (through atriums) to Cesta na Markovec and has no exit to the reconstructed extension of Šolska ulica – Kvedrova cesta, while the staircase between D and E also connects both roads. In the first set, the medium staircase connects to Kozlovičeva cesta next to the playground between sets A and B. Other external communications for pedestrians, like pavements and paths, are partly made as stairs due to the slope of the terrain.

All staircases and personal lifts connect the housing floors with garages in the objects.

A great deal of freedom to choose the furnishings

The apartments have modern layouts, so that the structural elements allow more freedom when it comes to positioning the dividing walls and laying out the furniture and fittings.


Kitchen area

Kitchens are within the framework of habitable rooms, while in some flats they can be built as separate living area.

Bathroom and toilet area

Toilets and bathrooms are spacious and are in some flats are realized on the location; factory-made pre-fabricated showers are realized in other flats. Toilets have a console WC sink with a boiler, wash-hand basins, a bath, while the majority of flats a console bidet is foreseen. Bidets, wash-hand basins and baths have a mixing valve-tap and an appropriate outflow sets.

Every flat is connected to the reserve chimney coil (the coil is sealed) and has its own connection to the kitchen air drain.

Magnificent terraces

The majority of flats with accompanying terraces and boxes have a view of the Bay of Koper.

All flats have exterior surfaces, such as boxes or open or partially covered terraces, while flats on higher floors also have partially open or partially covered terraces on the roofs of lower objects. Some boxes and terraces are set in a way that the sun shines on them from the West and East, because the settlement is facing North-East, towards the sea.

The walls of some premises bordering on terraces are made of glass with slide doors. Roofs are made as green non-pedestrian flat roofs.

Beds for the cultivation of vine or similar plants are installed on the majority of terraces, which should make the flats greener, but this isn’t part of the offer.

Storage areas for each apartment unit

The majority of storage areas for individual flats are in basements next to communication cores, while some are on ground floors and some storage areas can also be accessed from garage floors. In set F, all storages are accessible from garage floors.

Quality construction

The load-bearing construction of objects is the reinforced concrete foundations, pillars, walls and floor panels. Staircase shoulders are also made of reinforced concrete.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

External walls will be built of stone or concrete and insulated. The walls between flats, towards staircases and halls are made of reinforced concrete and are additionally insulated and provide sufficient sound and heat isolation.

Green roofs and insulating façade

Objects are covered by flat tread and non-tread floors. The edges of floors end in ridges. On tread roofs – terraces, a wooden floor on a sub-construction was laid. On non-tread floors, a so-called green roof - extensive planting on a substrate without additional irrigation - is foreseen.

Façades of objects are made in compliance with the system of heat isolation with a thin layer of finished plaster of façades. The fences of boxes and terraces are made of tempered glued glass.

Final floors

The final floors are executed on the floating concrete tiles. In habitable rooms, bedrooms and halls, previously factory made parquet (finished parquet) is laid, while ceramics is chosen for bathrooms and toilets.

In joint closed areas and staircases, the floor is stone, ceramics, concrete or asphalt.

Walls and ceilings

Wall panels are made of bricks and covered with plaster. Walls facing the staircases and other flats as well as sanitary cabins have a coating made of plaster plates on a sub-construction made of steel metal profiles. The coating includes heat insulation. In some cases, the plaster is made of extruded polystyrene and polished.

Concrete load-bearing walls in habitable rooms are polished and painted with semi-water white colour. Walls and wall panels are also polished and painted with semi-water white colour. In bathrooms, walls are covered with ceramics up to the ceiling. In the staircase, walls and ceilings are polished and painted with water colours.

Walls of joint subsidiary rooms (bicycle shed, rooms for cleaning utensils…) are painted with water colours, while the walls of rooms for cleaning utensils are covered with ceramics. Walls are plastered in the garages and basements.

The walls of storage rooms have a coating and are coloured without prior polishing.

Carefully selected windows and doors

Windows provide the prescribed heat and sound isolation. The frameworks of windows are made of aluminium profiles and the glass is isolation glass. For large glass areas in habitable rooms of flats slide doors (panoramic glass walls) are realized, while in some cases usual doors are realized. Windows provide the possibility of shading with window shades, while shading in some boxes and terraces is possible with movable shades. Interior window shelves are made out of stone, while external are made out of AL metal.

Glassed doors into objects and doors in the basements have steel or aluminium doorposts and wings made of type profiles. Entry doors into flats are made of wood, not massive, white and are sound isolated, fire proof and have a three-point burglar lock with bolts. The doors are also equipped with a peephole. The doorposts are made of wood.

The interior doors are made of wood, not massive, and coloured in white. The doorposts are wooden and processed in the same manner as the door wing.

The doors to the storages of flats are made of wood, are not massive, white with a metal doorpost.


The fences of boxes and terraces are made of tempered glass with small ALU colour handles. Fences on the staircase are metallic made of flat coloured iron. In front of large and French windows are fences made of flat iron protected against corrosion and painted.

Hardware Installation

The settlement has three boiler rooms running on liquefied petroleum gas that supply heated water to flats and business premises. All flats have calorimeters for heated water and water gauges for cold water in closed niches in front of the flats. Remote reading of consumption is possible in the boiler rooms.

Warming is provided through steel flat radiators, in some flats also floor convectors in living rooms and tube bathroom radiators in bathrooms. A two-pipe heating system is realized. Heating instruments have thermostat valves.

Cooling is provided with “split” cooling devices with one or in the majority of flats with two interior units in appropriate places in the flat and an exterior unit on the roof or in the garage.

Toilets and utility rooms, which have compulsory ventilation, have independent drain fans.
Ventilation coils for connecting kitchen drains are prepared in kitchens. The kitchen drain and the connecting pipe are not subject of the offer.

Massage pool option
On some terraces of higher levelled flats, a pre-preparation for the installation of small massage pools of sizes up to 200 x 200 cm (supply of water, outflow and electricity connection) is carried out.

Garage and storage area ventilation
Garages provide for compulsory ventilation through the intake of fresh air through ventilation shafts on exterior walls of the basement. Storages of flats in the basement also have compulsory ventilation: air is sucked out through channels into garages and out into the open and sucked into through shafts to joint hallways in front of storage rooms.

Electrical Installations

Separate measurements of electricity for each flat or business premise with a three-phase two-tariff meter are realized. The switch block for flats is in the hall above the entry doors, while the appertaining counter is in the ground floor in the wind-break of an individual staircase.

A ceiling run is prepared for lighting in every room. Lights are installed only on balconies, boxes, terraces and in storage rooms as well as in joint rooms, hallways and on staircases. Factory-made pre-fabricated bath cabins are also equipped with lights. The arrangement of electrical wall outlets and fixed connections is realized with regard to the disposition of internal equipment of rooms in the plans. Several wall outlets are realized in every room, but at least one at the entry into the room. The switches for electricity devices and equipment in bathrooms are at the entrance into the bathroom.

Pre-installed electrical fittings for household devices and other electronics
Next to the mentioned wall outlets, electrical connections respectively wall outlets are realized for the washing machine and dryer, fan in the toilets, refrigerator and freezer, dish-washer, electrical range in kitchens and for the “split” device for cooling in the living room. A special circuit is prepared for the storage in the basement, namely a lamp and wall outlet. The device itself and the electrical installations are not the subject of the offer. The pre-preparation of electrical installations (safety fuse in the switch board, safety pipe to the foreseen connection point) is realized for the massage pool on terraces of some flats. Massage pools are not subject of the offer.

Telephone and cable TV fittings
In the hall, a cabinet with connections for the phone and cable TV with an optical cable is realized. Safety pipes for the dividing of UTP cables to several possible locations for the connection to the TV or telephone are going out of the cabinet. It is possible to connect to the internet and a computer network without any construction interferences.

Video intercom and remote-controlled garage doors
Opening of the main entry door of the object from the flat is foreseen through a home video device. Access to the garage is enabled through remote opening of doors.

Emergency lighting
On staircases and halls, security lighting, which is on only in case of a cut-out of electricity, is realized next to standard lighting.

Commercial premises for quiet enterprises

All four business premises in sets B, C, D and F are foreseen for peaceful activities. Premises in sets C, D anf F are built till the 3rd extended construction phase, bussiness space in set B is finished. The operating permit will be acquired for the business premises, while buyers have to acquire the operating permit after the completion of premises.
The entrances into business premises are separated from the staircases of housing units. The business premises have a smaller container in the waste room of flats or external ecological areas for waste management.

Utility connections
Part of the business premises is foreseen for toilets and possibly also tea kitchens. The business premises include installations for warm and cold water, sewage system, electricity and telecommunication installation (optical cable) with the possibility of connecting to the TV, telephone and computer network. Remote reading of consumption of cold and warm water is also foreseen. In the hall of the staircase, where the electricity meters for flats are located, are also the three-phase two-tariff meters of electricity consumption for business premises.

Guaranteed parking
The parking places appertaining to business premises are on external parking areas, safe in set F, where there are some parking places in the garage.