Buy an apartment in the Nokturno residential complex

The list of available apartments can be viewed here. All apartments include storage areas and parking spots. A viewing time can be booked by calling the toll-free number +386 51 22 60 00, or sending an e-mail to info@nokturno.si.  

The sale is proceeding according to the classic approach – the first buyer to sign the sale contract for a particular apartment and fulfills all contractual obligations becomes the owner. The asking prices will be predefined and are not subject to negotiation.

Payment terms: pay 10% of the purchase price within 8 days of signing the sale contract, and the remainder within 60 days.

Sales are coordinated by ABC nepremičnine d.o.o. realtors, a company selected via a public procurement procedure together with Stoja d.o.o.

Warranty period

In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 22 of the Protection of Buyers of Apartments and Single Occupancy Buildings Act (ZVKSES), the seller, GPG Inženiring d.d., Vevška cesta 52,1260 Ljubljana-Polje, company registration number 2273152000, handed over the shared areas and devices located in the Nokturno redisential complex to the company  TABOR Ljubljana d.d., Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana, company registration number 5072239000 on 30 March 2011, in accordance with the Agreement on Building Management, Operation and Maintenance of Shared Areas, Communal Building Elements and Shared Installations for the Nokturno Residential Complex, Markovec, dated 04 February 2011 (in 2012, the company Tabor Ljubljana d.d. split off its building administration operations by establishing a new company, Tabor upravljanje in vzdrževanje d.o.o., Tabor 9, 1000 Ljubljana, company registration number 6054684).

The ten-year warranty period for structural defects (roof, facade, structural elements and other shared areas and devices) thus commenced on the aforementioned date, and expires on 30 March 2021. 

Overview of the technical characteristics of the building - machinery and installations

We inform potential buyers that the complex has three LPG-powered boiler rooms, which supply apartments and business premises with hot water. he contract for supply of liquefied petroleum gas is currently in the process of being signed with Istrabenz plini d.o.o.; there is currently no LNG infrastructure available in the Koper area.